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Facial Injection Mannequin built by Zanco Models

About Zanco Models

We at Zanco Models believe that there is a need in the medical market for highly realistic products, that give the user a more accurate and realistic training experience.

Our aim is to create models that react as near to a real life as possible, allowing trainees to learn and develop in confidence.

Our company is unique in its experience, with contacts in the film industry and a desire to keep up to date with cutting edge techniques and materials, we are one of the few companies that are producing top quality realistic products.

About Ricky Zanco

Ricky Zanco (BA Hons Mod) the owner of Zanco Models has had over seven years experience designing and making medical models for one of the leading medical training aid suppliers Adam Rouilly Ltd. This wealth of knowledge is bought to the company to help produce products that are much needed in the medical profession

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